Monday, August 4, 2014

Evangelistic Meetings, August 17, 18, & 19, 2014

We are seeing God move the church plant in Shelburne, NS ahead.  On August 31st Chris Tedford will be ordained as the pastor of Roseway Baptist Church-mission and Roseway Baptist will become an autonomous Baptist church.  I will be continuing to assist Brother Tedford and RBC.

On of the ways we are assisting the continued growth of RBC is through satellite Gospel meetings.  Please pray for one such set of meetings we are planning and working toward.  These are scheduled to take place on August 17th through 19th in the community of Port Clyde.  Port Clyde is only a 15 minute drive from Shelburne.  Our goal is to touch the folks of this community with the Gospel and see if the Lord will not give us some souls, who will be saved, added to the RBC disciples in Shelburne, and discipled.

We are currently door knocking and there seems to be interest in the meetings.  Please pray for us and this work of God in Port Clyde.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Prayer needs for the July 1st and July 4th Week

Our latest prayer letter (July 1st) went out this week and a some of this information is in that.  Thank you for praying for D____y.  On Sunday June 29th D____y penitently called on the Lord Jesus to save him.  He is evidencing a changed life and trying to get his brother to come out to meetings.  I started discipleship with D____y this week and he is displaying understanding and seems hungry for the Word.  Thank you for praying.  Please continue praying for D____y.

Pray for A____y.  I did not catch-up with A____y until late yesterday (Friday, July 4).  We did not have a Bible study at that time, but he said he was still interested.  Sometimes people's lives are in some chaos and it is difficult to peg them down to a time even when they are interested enough to listen.  Pray that the Lord would arrange A____y's day this coming Friday so that we can meet.

Pray for a married couple, R___e & M____a.  One of the members of the Shelburne mission-church introduced me to these folks and set-up our visit for us, which is great!  My partner for the day, Dave, and I spend two hours with R & M and gave them the Gospel in detail--speaking about sin, condemnation, Hell, the Diety of Christ, Christ's incarnation, Christ's blood atonement and substitutionary death and His bodily resurrection.  I also went over repentance and faith.  They listened attentively.

On Friday I went back to their home and exhorted them to be saved and taught them about repentance and faith from the Scriptures.  They seem to be genuinely seeking but were not ready--seeking but not alarmed about their condition as they should be.  They said they would really enjoy a weekly Bible study.  We will start that this coming week.  Please pray for R & M!  Pray that the Lord will open their hearts more and more and that they will be obedient to the Word of God and continue in the grace of God.

God is in this work.  Your praying earnestly will move our God more, that we may glorify God as He gives the increase.

Pray for me and my team members, Dave, Don, Chris, and others.

I believe Roseway Baptist Church-mission will be made autonomous soon, as the Lord is working in Brother Christ Tedford's life and his preparation comes to the place where he is ready (qualified & proven).  We will continue to work in the area for the next year to year and a half seeking souls and discipling new converts.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Home Bible Studies

Greetings all.

This week I started Bible studies with two different men.  Please pray for M__k and D____y.  It is a privilege to open the Scriptures and teach about the the Lord Jesus Christ.  M__k  professes to be saved and I am beginning to test that profession with the Scriptures to see if it is so.  D____y does not profess to be saved.  Both appear to be teachable.  Pray that the devil will not be able to blind them and that the Spirit will convict and convince.

Thank you for your labour before the glorious high throne.  (Jeremiah 17:12)

Monday, June 23, 2014

June 19-22 Meeting Report

Thank you all for praying for these meetings.  Brother Nissley brought a number of messages, the Lord gave liberty, and we saw four special visitors.  One message, on the BLOOD OF CHRIST, was an extra blessing to me.

Of course we are neck deep in door-to-door witnessing and we were out each day of the meetings.  Saturday night we saw four visitors.  Please pray for Donny and Bernie, in particular, that the Lord would open their hearts to the Lord Jesus and that they would submit to the Spirit's work of conviction and convincing.  I am continuing to visit Donny and will start to study the Gospel of John with him.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Shelburne, NS Evangelistic Meetings

Starting Thursday (June 19, 2014) and running through Sunday we are holding Gospel meetings at the Roseway Baptist Church-plant in Shelburne, NS.  We have Evangelist Steve Nissley from Sherman, Maine preaching for us.  We have been knocking doors, witnessing, and handing out invitations to these meetings for the last two weeks.  Please pray that the Lord will open and stir hearts.  Pray that the Lord will give us boldness and spiritual victory, that our hearts will be right, and that the preaching will go forth in power.  Pray that the Lord of the harvest will lead us to good ground as we sow and water.  Pray that the work of the devil to blind the minds of the lost will be defeated.  We are seeking souls.